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Building resilience in the United States

Women are not helpless victims, though we are often hard-hit by disasters. The gender-based division of labor gives girls and women different perspectives on what is most at risk and must most be protected. We have shown our capacity and willingness to mitigate hazards and prepare for disaster when necessary. Shoulder to shoulder with the men and women in our lives, we are striving for more just, sustainable, and disaster-resilient communities. Vulnerabilities related to sex, gender, and sexuality are often more visible–but this can be changed to maximize the positive contributions of women and men, boys and girls.

We seek common ground and collective action for change. Reducing the risk of disasters is not “women’s work” but demands women’s leadership along with men’s.  American women have a legacy of activism to build on, working for gender justice and racial justice, for economic fairness and environmental stewardship, for the human rights of children and persons with disabilities, and toward peaceful conflict resolution. Gender and disaster mainstreaming work is not yet aligned with these allies—but this can be changed.


Core values


Avoid or minimize the negative effects of hazards and disasters on US women and their families through positive community action and a rights-based approach

Engage men and men’s community-based organizations and networks in positive action toward gender equality as a platform for disaster resilience.

Build common ground among community leaders, practitioners, academics & residents to address gender inequalities and other root causes of disaster risk.

Apply the hard-won lessons of our past to promote gender-responsive and community driven disaster risk management in the United States.







Reducing the effects of the hazards we must live with and putting an end to the disasters that we can stop will take all of us. The GDRA partners with allies across borders for common purpose and the public good. Join the listserv conversation and share your ideas for making change. We need and welcome you



Visit the Volunteer page to learn more about the needs and resources of the GDRA and how you may want to become involved. We all bring different and important perspectives and resources to this volunteer-powered effort. Thanks!

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